Capsule endoscopy
We are the only clinic in Ukraine who use Japanese endoscopic capsule with camera — «Olympus» EC S-10. This allows us to examine the small intestine as precisely as possible
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In which Cases is Capsule Endoscopy used?

Capsule endoscopy helps to examine areas that can’t be easily reached with traditional endoscopy procedures. We use the capsule with the most accurate camera and a 160° viewing angle
  • Indications for Capsule Endoscopy
  • Unexplained bleeding in GI tract
  • Anemia of unexplained origin
  • Suspicion on tumor in the small intestine
  • Crohn's disease
  • Celiac disease
  • Polyposis

The newest endoscopy capsule «Olympus» EC S-10

  • 3g
    Mass of capsule
  • 160°
    Viewing angle
  • 12 hours
    Working time
  • 3D
    Volumetric location

After the exam you don't need a recovery period

You can live a normal life. Once the procedure is finished, your body might expel the camera capsule in a natural way

Our standards of capsule endoscopy

  • Аttentiveness to each client
    We will study your whole medical history and discuss the problem without crossing your personal space
  • Рrogressive team
    Our doctors are the first to implement the latest world medical practices in Ukraine. They teach doctors from all over Ukraine
  • Diagnostics according to the international protocols
    Our doctors work strictly with the latest international protocols
  • Prescriptions control
    Аt the end of each month we analyze the quality of each doctor's prescriptions and make sure they never recommend unnecessary examinations or medications
  • The newest equipment
    To identify even the smallest problems, we purchase equipment with the most accurate optics

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We know how to solve complicated cases

Accurate diagnostics is our passion. Our doctors learn from the best world’s experts and teach doctors from all over Ukraine
  • Polishchuk Serhii
    Head of Endoscopic Department, Endoscopist of higher category.
    Author of 4 scientific articles. Has done more than 20 000 colonoscopies. Has been working in Olymed since 2018.
  • Janelidze David
    Gastroenterologist-endoscopist, MD, PhD
    Author of 43 scientific articles and member of ESGE & UEG. Has been working in Olymed since 2016.


  • Can endocapsule get stuck inside or damage my internal organs?
    Your endoscopist will thoroughly check your medical history and results of previous examinations (gastroscopy, colonoscopy, etc) for any contraindications for capsule endoscopy. If everything is fine and you don’t have any contraindications you can be sure that examination is absolutely safe for your health.
  • What is the resolution of pictures taken with such a small camera?
    Endophoto taken by the Olympus EC-10 capsule is provided in high definition (HD).
  • Can capsule endoscopy replace gastroscopy or colonoscopy?
    No, the endoscopic capsule is designed only for examinations of the small intestine.

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