About Medical Center

Establishment of the center

Establishment of the center

The idea that was being nurtured for years, has finally come true thanks to the cooperation with the Swiss colleagues from GastroZentrum Hirslanden Zurich. The need for the comprehensive gastroenterology care center that would correspond all today’s requirements has been strong for a while.

The high prevalence of diseases of the digestive system, including precancerous lesions, has been a threat to every family and the general public.
Patient care and diagnostics

Our patients receive counseling, diagnostic and minimally invasive surgical care, even, to the extent necessary. We know how to control your health. We will help you to achieve maximum reliable results.

Center equipment and technology

We are the only center where all the components of successful health care came together in one place. We are equipped with the latest models of diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, we provide our patients with drug-induced sleep, comfort and safety. We are staffed with experienced personnel and cooperate with the most reputable counterparts in Ukraine and Switzerland. Our mechanism is well laid out and contains no unnecessary details. We not only treat, but also share our experience. We are the benchmark establishment. It will always be that way, can’t be otherwise.

Музыка Сергей Валерьевич
Консультация врача-гастроэнтеролога
Медицинский персонал
Эндоскопический кабинет
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